We are able to provide for our clients following services:

Seafood inspection

Inspection is an on site assessment of seafood products involving quantity, quality, packing/labeling, sampling, storage conditions. It can be performed at production level, before   loading or at unloading step by our inspectors, following procedures and using standardized or tailored procedure and checklist, according to client’s needs and requirements.

Seafood testing

This service completes Quality, Health and Safety inspection.

It is performed according to specific current criteria of health(veterinary) authority`s requirements of particular marketplace.  We ascertains the quality by:

■ Microbiological analysis: Total Plate Count, E. coli, Salmonella…

■ Heavy metals analysis: Pb, Cd, Hg…

■ Chemicals analysis: Chloramphenicol, Green malachite, Nitrofuranes…

We ensure to all our clients that our products follow to high quality standards for particular market place.
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